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Adrian Clark's 928 race car

2008 was the first proper season for Adrian Clark and the 928GTS racer, however the history of the car was that it originally started life in 1990 as a 928GT and was later converted to a GTS racer by Eurotech in 1995 and campaigned in the 1996/97 seasons in the British GT championship and Porsche Cup.   Subsequently the car was sold to a new owner where it continued to race in the Porsche Cup with victories at Castle Coombe and Spa up until 1999.  After that the car changed hands again with occasional outings in the Intermarque championship (against cars of the same period from Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche), but between 2003-7 the car was largely out of the competitive races until Adrian purchased the car and refreshed it for current competition.

Since that time the car has been continually upgraded, and at present the car is 6.4 litres, running Jenvey 50mm individual throttle bodies with a JDSPorsche Alpha-N system. This system eliminates the MAF and the throttle load is sensed by a precision (Hall effect ) throttle potentiometer.

It uses the original LH and EZK ECUs and is tuned using the SharkTuner. Power levels are in excess of 500 HP.

A twin 3" exhaust system is fitted.

This picture shows the ITBs when first fitted when setting up the Alpha-N system.


An airbox was fabricated.....


and a shallow scoop fitted to the bonnet..

The car has been competing very successfullyfor the last two seasons in the Intermarque series run by the Aston Martin Owner's Club.


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