Porsche Electronics Specialist

Cambridge, England

Nick Scudder's track car

Nick's unique car started life as a silver-green 1986 16v 4.7 litre "S2" auto .

Since 2002 it has progressively morphed into a street racing machine honed by laps of the Nurburgring.

The original 16v engine was removed and replaced by a GTS 32v 5.4 litre engine, drysumped and running custom cams and headers. The fuel and igntion were remapped using the SharkTuner.

Most running gear has been upgraded to GTS spec although it has custom valved Bilstein suspension as well as a mechanical LSD added to the GTS transmission.

Physical changes include the cup mirrors, steel GTS arches and Strosek front as well as replacement light fittings all aimed at reducing weight.

Nick sold the car in 2008 only to think better of it and buy it back again in 2012 !

Nick says - " Future plans include ITBs and I know my SharkTuner will prove invaluable along with JDS Alpha-N system."






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