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I established JDSPorsche in 2002 in Cambridge, England having owned a 928 Porsche since 1999.

It was soon apparent that the 928 had a bad reliability reputation for LH ECU failure, MAF problems and general electrical issues. There appeared to be a general lack of expert knowledge of the 928's electical systems available to owners.

To compound this, the prices for replacement exchange MAFs and LH ECUs from the Official Porsche Centres were very high, relative to the values of the vehicle.

I have a background in electronics and so in 2002 I started to investigate the reasons for MAF failures, and then to offer rebuilt units to other owners.

This lead in turn to developing a repair strategy for the notoriously unreliable LH ECU used in the MY 87 and later 32 valve 928's.

More recent products have been diagnostic tester for , diagnostic tools the Porsche 928 and for other Porsche models, and the SharkTuner.

The SharkTuner offer a full remapping and engine monitoring system, with data logging for all the LH equipped cars - from MY 84 for the Euro 16v and MY85 for the 32v S3 and S4(MY87 onwards).

Complementing the SharkTuner is the Sharkplotter program which provides powerful post processing and viewing options. The latest addition to the SahrkTuner range is the MAF-less Alpha-N system.

Further developments are under way...

John Speake.

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