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Porsche 928 Cam-belt Tensioning Tool

Porsche 928 Cambelt Tension ToolThe J.Kempf 928 cambelt tension tool is suitable for all 16v and 32v Porsche 928 cars. It is similar to the factory "Special Tool 9131" as shown on Page 15-17 of the Workshop manual. Each tool is individually calibrated. The tool is accurate and simple to use. Full instructions are provided. This tool is essential to maintain the correct cambelt tension on the 928.

If too slack, then the belt can jump, and bent valves can result. If too tight, then the waterpump bearings will be over stressed, and heavy wear of the camshaft sprockets will result. In severe cases of over tightening, the end of a camshaft has been known to snap off.

Porsche 928 Cambelt Tension ToolUp to now, the only way to obtain these tools is from the USA by personal import. This entails paying international carriage, import duties and VAT as applicable. We can supply from stock in Europe, making it much simpler to obtain, and reducing your delivery time.

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