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MAF Calibration & Repair Specialist

Mass Air Flow MeterThe Porsche 928 LH Hot Wire Mass Airflow Meter (MAF) Bosch Part Number 0280 214 001 (Porsche P/N 928 606 141 00) is used on Euro S and S2 1984-86, USA 32v 1985-86, and Worldwide S4, GT, GTS 1986-95 models.

A MAF which is functional but out of calibration can cause the LH computer to revert to "Limp Home" mode. This is also the classic symptom of gross MAF failure. Less severe calibration errors will typically cause weak or rich running across the whole rev. range.

Weak running can result in a significant loss of top end power, hesitation and "flat spots" when the throttle is opened quickly for maximum acceleration.


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