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SharkTuner for the Porsche 928

The JDSPorsche SharkTuners for the Porsche 928 (MY 1987 onwards) allows the optimisation of the fuel and ignition maps to ensure optimum performance from the engine. This is particularly important if the engine has been modified in any way e.g. change of exhaust system, supercharger.

The SharkTuner is a hardware interface between the LH ECU (fuel injection computer) and the EZK/EZ-F ECU (igntion computer) and a laptop computer. A custom Windows interface program runs on the laptop, and a slave microcontroller in the SharkTuner acts as the interface between the laptop and the LH ECU.The SharkTuner is powered by the diagnostic connector fitted to all the 928s from MY 87.

There are two SharkTuners in the family, the New Mk 1 and the Mk 2. The Mk2 is the cost effective tool for tuning fuel and igntion for all Porsche 928s from MY87 onwards. The Mk 2 is supplied with the Programmable EPROM Modules (PEMS) described elsewhere on this website. They allow "flash" tuning of fuel and igntion by simply plugging a laptop into the existing diagnostic port of the 928. Both LH and EZK ECU parameters are available instantly by switching viewing screens. Data logging of both ECUs simultaneously is possible. Any changes are written instantly and securely to the PEM, and are retained until further changes are made.

For the 85/86 cars the Mk1 Sharktuner is supplied with a Break out Box to provide the necessary signals.

The Mk 1 SharkTuner can also operate with PEMs for cars from MY87 onwards. It is now only available with the LH2.2/EZ-F update option which allows full fuel remapping for the 85/86 LH2.2 equipped early US/Euro 32v (engine types M28/43 & 44 and M28/45 & 46), and also the Euro 16v LH2.2 MY85-86 (engine type M28/21 & 22). It is supplied complete with ribbon cable adaptors and a Break out Box for tuning the 85/86 cars. Please note that the early MY 84 Euro 16v is not supported at present.

Some features available with the MK2 SharkTuner are not available with the New MK1 version, such as the ALpha-N version. Both units are provided with a set of auxillary inputs which can be used for real time monitoring and datalogging of external sensor inputs e.g boost sensors. The WBO2 input law can also be edited for use with more variants of WBO2 systems. Please refer to the Web page and User Manual, available from the links on the left of this screen. For tuning these early cars the connection to the ECU being tuned is via a ribbon cable to the EPROM socket of the ECU. When tuning is complete, an EPROM is blown using a low cost EPROM programmerto replace the original one. PEMs are not available for the 85/86 cars, but the New Mk1 Sharktuner can use the PEMs available for the MY87> cars.

For detailed information, please refer to the Web pages and User Manuals for the MK 2 and New Mk 1 which are available for download from the links opposite.

Both Sharktuners come with a licence for the SharkPlotter program - a comprehensive post processor that adds to the features of the SharkTuners.


Availability & Pricing

The New Mark 1 SharkTuner is available now at an introductory price of $1250 USD.

The Mk2 Sharktuner costs $990 USD or equivalent in GBP or Euro, and comes complete with a pair of PEMs, O2 harness and USB lead.

The main SharkTuner distributor in the USA, Australasia and Far East is Jim Corenman

For sales to the rest of the world please contact JDSPorsche





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