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The SharkTuner Alpha System is now in production

The SharkTuner Alpha is an additional system for the SharkTuner Mk 2. This innovative option dispenses with the need for a Mass Airflow sensor (MAF) which is normally fitted to all Porsche 928 32v cars from MY87-95. Eliminating the MAF gives great freedom in using alternative intake systems e.g. Individual throttle bodies (ITBs); custom runners etc.

ITB's give much better engine breathing than the standard 928 intake, which is very restrictive at the high ends of the power range, especially for larger engine versions such as GTS and stroker engines.

The SharkTuner Alpha also removes the major obstacle in using more radical cams in the 928 engine. The stock MAF will give completely erroneous readings when subjected to any reversion pulses from the intake due to more cam overlap. In the past this has forced tuners to use a much higher idle speed to mask the problem. Not very friendly with a 5 speed, but almost impossible with an Auto ‘box !

The system operates as an Alpha -N fuelling system. This uses a precision throttle position potentiometer giving a measurement of engine load, in combination with air temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors for the necessary air mass corrections.

It uses the original LH and EZK ECUs and engine wiring harness without modification . . A new "black box" interfaces between the throttle position potentiometer, air temperature sensor and temp2 sensor. The MAP sensor is built into the black box. Truly “plug and play”.

The system is designed to be mapped with the SharkTuner Mk 2 with PEMs fitted to the LH and EZK ECUs. Electronically adjustable idle and WOT switches are provided.

For further information, please go to the SharkTuner main page and then follow the link to SharkTuner Alpha .

Product News...

Congratulations to George Suennen who was timed at 219mph through the speed trap at the May 2019 Silver State Classic!!!

NEW !! JDSPorsche new design Lateral Acceleration Sensor for 928, 968, 964 and 993.... see link above to page.

Development News...

We have developed a New SharkTuner Mk1 for 85-86 cars (and also 87-95 with PEMs)

This is now available at the excellent value price of $1500 USD - a few units still available at the introductory price of $1250 - please email for details !

Included: Sharktuner small box unit as illustrated, break out box, ribbon cable adaptors for 85/86 cars, power lead,




SharkTuner-Alpha has been successfully applied to a stroker race car with ITBs and also a stock intake GT.

We are now developing a Speed Density (MAP) system for supercharged and turbocharged 928s.











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